By Megan Spencer, ‘Closed For Winter’ web forum moderator & ‘Behind The Scenes’ filmmaker. megan-cfw-preferred-pic5

This a Public Forum where you are invited to contribute to a conversation I began with the many cast and crew of Closed For Winter, when I was shooting the ‘behind the scenes’ documentary for the film, during the production in Adelaide.

Just below you will see a series of video clips of interviews with various members of the ‘CFW’ crew and cast. There they answer the question, Has anyone ever gone missing from your life, or has your life ever been touched indirectly by a missing person? 

Click on their clips to listen to their answers. Then you can share your own comments, thoughts, reflections and stories in the ‘Leave A Reply’ windows underneath the clips, on the INTERVIEW CLIPS & FORUM PAGE .

After April 23,  new clips will be added each week with new perspectives and answers from other Closed For Winter film folk. I very much looking forward to hearing from you.

Some background to ‘that’ question, the video clips, and how this online documentary forum came about….                                                                          Click here to read more ….

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