Megan Spencer


Closed for Winter’ forum moderator & ‘Behind The Scenes’ filmmaker.

For over two decades Megan Spencer has been involved in all aspects of media arts culture and production. She is an independent documentary filmmaker and a well-respected film critic (formerly triple j, SBS Movie Show), with extensive hands on experience as a radio broadcaster and TV presenter. Megan has comprehensive knowledge of – and practical experience in – filmmaking, photography and sound production, a highly diverse background in writing and public speaking, and for many years she has been involved in teaching and academia. Recently she has moved into producing Special Projects; authoring blogs, online content providing and web forum moderation; producing ‘EPK’ documentaries for Australian feature films; specialized publicity and Festival programming and event producing.

Megan’s most recent documentary production is ‘Lovestruck: Wrestling’s No. 1 Fan’ (2006) and she has directed several ‘behind the scenes’ documentaries for Australian features, including ‘Closed For Winter’, ‘Balibo’ and ‘Streetsweeper’.

Megan’s time in the media and arts industries has seen her build up a comprehensive network of national and international contacts across the arts, academia and the media. She has worked in the private, public and government sectors. In January 2008 she moved to the Northern Territory to take up the full-time position of Drive presenter at 105.7 ABC Radio Darwin. In 2009 she returned to freelance work to pursue filmmaking and other artistic and commercial projects. Her company is Miami Movies P/L. For a full list of Megan’s film titles and further CV info, visit her myspace site.


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